About Odd Lovin’

Odd Lovin’ is an online vintage shop selling handpicked statement clothing for bohemians, free spirits, gypsies, IT- girls & dreamers across the world.

Main focus has always been a mix of the eccentric and the delicate, serving creative souls who are vast and brilliant rather than trendy.

The Odd Lovin’ woman is not faint-hearted, she believes in effortless and comfortable style, and would never deny her self wearing any piece of clothing for just special occasions. Therefore you can sometimes spot her in messy hair, a 40s bias cut silk gown and worn in Doc martens boots picking up milk at Seven Eleven on a sunday morning.
She’s not trying to be. She just is.

Odd Lovin’ specializes in vintage japanese kimonos, one of a kind tribal accessories, bold printed caftans & everything sheer and flowy with show-stopping capacity.

Tuva Minna Linn Oddson is the creative spirit, vintage lover & stylist behind Odd Lovin’. She writes poetry, drinks sweet sherry and listens to 70s records. Ever since childhood she’s been inspired by clothing, always mixing, trying on and falling in love with something new. Her heart beats for the 70s and for traditional clothing from all over the world, materials and designs that are timeless and versatile. She has an eye for creating beauty by combining the unexpected.